Satellite Beach

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Just south of Patrick Air Force Base, Satellite Beach is centrally located within Brevard County. Because of its location, Satellite Beach is a favorite of military families and those loving the beach.

The city was first incorporated in 1957, and currently 10,860 people call it home. The impact of the space program and Patrick Air Force Base has contributed greatly to the development of Satellite Beach.

Satellite Beach has a wide range of neighborhood developments, including the upscale, exclusive community of Tortoise Island. The area's location provides for great outdoor recreation including boating, fishing, and trips to the beach. Conveniently situated between two major causeways, residents have easy access to shops, malls, restaurants and area golf courses on the mainland as well as within the city.

Given its beauty, location, great schools, and recreational opportunities, Satellite Beach has become a haven for those wanting it all.


Residents of Satellite Beach typically are affluent married couples between the ages of 45 and 64, and receive their income from salaries, rental properties, interest, dividends, retirement funds, or pensions. Many are business owners or managers. They live in suburban single-family homes valued above the national average. For entertainment, Satellite Beach residents typically play racquet sports, golf, visit museums, and travel.

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